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Euro-Afric Systems EnterprisesEASES

Web design and development

We are trained, qualified, certified, experienced and skilled web designers and web developers. We provide reliable, affordable, cost-effective and tailor-made websites using the following tools or programs:

  • HTML coding or programming

  • JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) coding

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 web editors

  • Adobe Fireworks CS6, Photoshop and Flash animations and photo editing

  • Joomla, 1 & 1 and other CMS software

  • WordPress etc

    Our web design/ development services include:

  • Designing dynamic and clients' interactive websites

  • Designing standard or customised websites "from scratch to finish"

  • Developing existing websites

  • Placing online forms, Pay Pal and online shopping utilities on web sites

  • E-commerce and creating traffic to your websites

  • Social networking media through facebook, twitter and YouTube icons, etc, on websites

  • Websites for receiving donations or subscriptions online, through secured PayPal sytems

  • Placing video and audio clips on web pages, if required

  • Uploading video and audio clips to YouTube channels for sharing

  • Designing and inserting logos and GIF animated banner images on web pages

  • Assisting to find and registering domain names for clients

  • Assisting to find free or low cost-effective webhost for clients

  • Uploading websites to the Internet using FTP and managing sites

  • Web design and development training

  • Website management training


        We provide web design services for:

  • large, medium and small businesses and charities

  • group and individual projects

  • dissertations/ theses projects for university and college students, etc

Freelance & consultancy


7 Tatsfield House, Pardoner St, London SE1 4DS.

Tel: (+44)07944 637 436


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